Opera Rock charts

“Today I’d like to point out something different, not just charts
The relationship with most of our artists and label partners is not just a matter of business, but true friendship, that’s why this post combines two completely different projects.
Nicolas Molio and Marco D’Andrea are just two of those who call not just to ask about promotion, release dates, Reports etc. but also to ask how’s life, what’s going on and normal things as it happens with friends.
There are more of them and I won’t list them all because Facebook would send a note that we are only allowed to tag 50 people
So, Nicolas’s label KYZ Records has a strong collaboration with RNC Music and we release worldwide a lot of its products.
One of them is Krystof Kolesky and I think we’re close to 10 of his records released so far.
The most recent is Kolesky & MacGrey “To know” (also included on our compilation Dance Factory Summer Vibes 2021) that today entered the top40 Dance charts in Switzerland.
On the far opposite, as far as genre is related, today we have the peak position so far for Marco D’Andrea’s OperaRock in Italy.
I wish a very good day to all”
Nico Spinosa